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Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics)Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics)
Release Date: May 1, 1996| Series: Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics In this title, Farina evokes the Sixties as precisely, wittily, and poignantly as F. Scott Fitzgerald captured the Jazz Age. The hero, Gnossus Pappadopoulis, weaves his way through the psychedelic landscape, encountering - among other things - mescaline, women, art, gluttony, falsehood, science, prayer, and, occasionally, truth. ...
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A Cross and a Star: Memoirs of a Jewish Girl in ChileA Cross and a Star: Memoirs of a Jewish Girl in Chile
Publication Date: March 1995"In Osorno, Chile, the Nazis were the great feudal lordsof the south and being Jewish was like possessing a savage anddangerous scar." The author thus describes the backdrop for thismemoir of growing up as the daughter of European Jewish immigrants toChile in the years before and after World War II. Speaking through thevoice of her mother, she says, "I write these sometimes intermittentand true memories with the voice of an adolescent and then of awoman. . . . I wish to talk about my life in an unseemly and noisyhouse in southern Chile and about a town with fifty ...
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Happy Kitty Bunny Pony: A Saccharine Mouthful of Super CuteHappy Kitty Bunny Pony: A Saccharine Mouthful of Super Cute
Publication Date: May 17, 2005From turn-of-the-century novelties and Depression-era distraction, through wartime comfort, to Hello Kitty and Jeff Koons, cuteness has thrived in the fertile soil of modern media and pop culture. What is it about fluffy bunnies with bows, baby ducks splashing in puddles, kittens snuggled in baskets and little lambs on their way to school? "Happy Kitty Bunny Pony" celebrates the 'cult of the cute' in all its camp, kitsch, ironic glory. With more than 200 images from the print and advertising archives of the Charles S. Anderson Design Company, this collection is ...
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Act of Will (Center Point Premier Romance (Large Print))Act of Will (Center Point Premier Romance (Large Print))
Publication Date: July 1, 2010| Series: Center Point Premier Romance (Large Print) Barbara Taylor Bradford, who has earned herself a place in the hearts of millions with her phenomenal bestsellers A Woman of Substance, Hold the Dream, and To Be the Best, now brings us the equally enthralling and truly masterful story of three generations of women...and the choices they make.Audra's story, begun in 1926 England, is one of struggle. After the great passion of her marriage is replaced by tragedy, she vows to give her precious daughter Christina the world. Repaying the benefits of her mother's i...
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Once Upon a Thanksgiving: Season of Bounty\Home for Thanksgiving (Love Inspired Historical)Once Upon a Thanksgiving: Season of Bounty\Home for Thanksgiving (Love Inspired Historical)
Publication Date: October 4, 2011| Series: Love Inspired Historical Season of Bounty by Linda FordAt first glance, privileged Kathleen Sanderson and cowboy Buck Donahue couldn't be more different. Yet the bond between Buck and his adopted son awakens a wish in Kathleen for a family of her own—and a future they can build together.Home for Thanksgiving by Winnie GriggsAll that stands between Ruby Anne Tuggle and a fresh start is an escort to Tyler, Texas. Rancher Griff Lassiter is too kind to refuse, but too wary of being hurt again to offer anything but friendship. Then a fever forces an...
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The Romance of the Forest (Oxford World's Classics)The Romance of the Forest (Oxford World's Classics)
Publication Date: June 10, 1999| ISBN-10: 0192837133 | ISBN-13: 978-0192837134This novel, although not as well-known as Radcliffe's later works, is thought to represent her work at its best.More than just a work of suspense and mystery, it is a work of ideas--a discussion of the contrasts between hedonistic doctrines and a system of education and values. ...
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Silent Pledge (ER Trilogy #3)Silent Pledge (ER Trilogy #3)
Publication Date: December 2000Dr. Mercy Richmond struggles to balance her roles as a single mother and busyphysician whose patients have nowhere else to go. Her small Missouri town has noE.R. and Mercy is overwhelmed by the sick, the injured and the personal problemsthey bring into her clinic--and her life. If she thought her schedule would helpher forget Lukas Bower, the handsome doctor she believes betrayed her, she waswrong. A new Christian, Mercy must make a decision that will change four livesforever--including her daughter's. And then Lukas comes home.... --This text refers to the Kin...
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Stephens Plays:1 (Contemporary Dramatists) (v. 1)Stephens Plays:1 (Contemporary Dramatists) (v. 1)
Release Date: November 1, 2010| Series: Contemporary Dramatists This first collection from the Pearson Award–winning playwright Simon Stephens brings together four of his earliest plays. Since Bluebird in 1998, Stephens has gained recognition for humane plays that display a sharp observation and compassionate response to the lives of ordinary people in urban locations....
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La CittLa Citt
Release Date: May 14, 2001This Elibron Classics book is a facsimile reprint of a 1898 edition by Fratelli Treves, Milano. ...
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In Sorrow and in JoyIn Sorrow and in Joy
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Evoking Tang: An Anthology of Classical Chinese PoetryEvoking Tang: An Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry
Publication Date: July 2, 2007In Evoking Tang, writer and poet Qiu Xiaolong breathes new life into the works of the Tang dynasty masters, introducing their universal themes--of love and lament, friendship and longing, the serenity to be found in natural beauty--to a whole new audience of Western readers.The Tang period is the golden age of Chinese poetry. In Evoking Tang, a bilingual collection, Qiu Xiaolong offers English translations of more than 70 classic Chinese poems. The original texts represent the work of almost 40 poets from the Tang period, whose poems are comparable in importan...
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Father of Persian Verse: Rudaki and His Poetry (Iranian Studies Series)Father of Persian Verse: Rudaki and His Poetry (Iranian Studies Series)
Publication Date: February 15, 2011| Series: Iranian Studies Series Abu 'Abdollâh' Jafar ibn Mohammad Rudaki (c. 880 CE-941 CE) was a poet to the Samanid court which ruled much of Khorâsân (northeastern Persia) from its seat in Bukhara. He is widely regarded as "the father of Persian poetry, for he was the first major poet to write in New Persian language, following the Arab conquest in the seventh and eighth centuries, which established Islam as the official religion, and made Arabic the predominant literary language in Persian-speaking lands for some two centuries. In the te...
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Die Beatgeneration als literarische und soziale Bewegung (Kasseler Arbeiten zur Sprache und Literatur) (German Edition)Die Beatgeneration als literarische und soziale Bewegung (Kasseler Arbeiten zur Sprache und Literatur) (German Edition)
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A Matter of Scandal (With This Ring, Book 3) (Vol 3)A Matter of Scandal (With This Ring, Book 3) (Vol 3)
Release Date: June 28, 2011 Miss Emma Grenville has had her fill of pig-headed noblemen who believe women exist solely to satisfy men. And her arrogant new landlord, the Duke of Wycliffe, is the worst of the lot! The too-attractive cad wants to triple the rent on Emma's finishing school for young ladies to help get his newly inherited estate out of debt. Well, he clearly needs educating—about women. And Emma is just the one to enlighten him. The sinfully handsome duke has never met a woman he couldn't seduce and outwit. And now that he's tricked Emma into a wager, he has the stubborn ...
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A Murder of Quality: A George Smiley NovelA Murder of Quality: A George Smiley Novel
Release Date: October 2, 2012| Series: George Smiley "Fielding and Jebedee were dead, Steed-Asprey vanished. Smiley—where was he?"John le Carré's second novel, A Murder of Quality, offers an exquisite, satirical look at an elite private school as it chronicles the early development of George Smiley.Miss Ailsa Brimley is in a quandary. She's received a peculiar letter from Mrs. Stella Rode, saying that she fears her husband—an assistant master at Carne School—is trying to kill her. Reluctant to go to the police, Miss Brimley calls upon her old wartime coll...
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Death Without CompanyDeath Without Company
Release Date: March 16, 2006 A new Sheriff Walt Longmire mystery from the author of the acclaimed The ColdDishWith his debut novel, The Cold Dish, Craig Johnson proved himself a strong new voice inthe realm of literary mystery. In his newest work, Johnson again takes us to Sheriff WaltLongmire’s Absaroka County, Wyoming.When Mari Baroja is found poisoned at the Durant Home for Assisted Living, Sheriff Longmire isdrawn into an investigation of her death that proves to be as dramatic as her life. Her connectionsto the Basque community, the lucrative coal-bed methane industry, and the ...
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Sherlock Holmes in AmericaSherlock Holmes in America
Publication Date: March 26, 2009Holmes and Watson in America. Originalshort stories. A literary gem? Elementary, ofcourse!Sherlock Holmes makes his American debut in thisfascinating and extraordinary collection ofnever-before-published crime and mystery stories by bestselling American writers. The world'sgreatest detective and his famous sidekickWatson are on their first trip across theAtlantic as they fight crime all overnineteenth-century North America. From thebustling neighborhoods of New York City andWashington, D.C., to sunny yet sinister citieslike San Francisco on the West Coast, the...
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Seawolves from the NorthSeawolves from the North
Publication Date: January 1, 1986Sigmund the Red, a young Viking adventurer, leadshis sea wolves southward. On Lona, panic spreads they must guardthe priceless treasure they have spent years creating. And thus beginsa sea chase full of suspense and excitement. Reprinted with new coverand illustrations. ...
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Treasures of the Snow (Patricia St John Series)Treasures of the Snow (Patricia St John Series)
Release Date: July 1, 2001| Age Level: 9 and up | Grade Level: 4 and up...
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Wolves (Our Wild World)Wolves (Our Wild World)
Publication Date: September 1, 2000| Age Level: 8 and up | Grade Level: 3 and up...
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