The Eye of the Pharaoh

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Release Date: May 25, 2010New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison pairs with Queen of Urban Erotica Noire to deliver two tantalizing novellas about sex, revenge—and getting what you deserve…Character of a ManMary B. MorrisonSeven Stephens seems to have it all—money, mansion and a man—but is taken by surprise when her fiancé tells her the wedding is off if she can’t lose twenty-five pounds in six weeks. In no time, she’s out the door and headed for Punany Paradise for a sensual workout that’s both sweet revenge and sweet surrend...
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Book of Haikus (Poets, Penguin)Book of Haikus (Poets, Penguin)
Release Date: April 1, 2003| Series: Poets, Penguin Highlighting a lesser-known aspect of one of America's most influential authors, this new collection displays Jack Kerouac's interest in and mastery of haiku. Experimenting with this compact poetic genre throughout his career, Kerouac often included haiku in novels, correspondence, notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, and recordings. In this collection, Kerouac scholar Regina Weinreich supplements an incomplete draft of a haiku manuscript found in Kerouac's archives with a generous selection of Kerouac's other haiku, from both published and un...
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Sex, Drugs, Rock & RollSex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
Publication Date: December 3, 2010Comic monologues Characters: 1 male Bare stage This non-stop tour through some oddball minds by the author of Talk Radio and Drinking in America enjoyed a lengthy run Off-Broadway. Originally performed as a one man show, the hilarious, riveting and often disturbing monologues can be presented by several actors or actresses. "With this brilliant show, his funniest and scariest yet, Mr. Bogosian has crossed the line that separates an exciting artist from a culture hero.... I know of no one else like him in pop culture right now. He knows which way the wind is ...
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Buddhism in Practice: (Abridged Edition) (Princeton Readings in Religions)Buddhism in Practice: (Abridged Edition) (Princeton Readings in Religions)
Publication Date: March 5, 2007| ISBN-10: 0691129681 | ISBN-13: 978-0691129686| Edition: Abridged This anthology, first published in 1995, illustrates the vast scope of Buddhist practice in Asia, past and present. Re-released now in a slimmer but still extensive edition, Buddhism in Practice presents a selection of thirty-five translated texts--each preceded by a substantial introduction by its translator. These unusual sources provides the reader with a sense of the remarkable diversity of the practices of persons who over the course of 2,500 years have been identified, by themselves or...
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Henry & The Kite DragonHenry & The Kite Dragon
Release Date: June 3, 2004| Age Level: 6 and up | Grade Level: 1 and up Everyone knows that kids from Chinatown don't go to the park when the kids from Little Italy are there. They're rough, they're big, and they don't like Chinese kids. That's okay-Henry doesn't like them, either. But what Henry does like are kites. He loves them. Even more, he loves to help his friend Grandfather Chin make them, and fly them over Chinatown and the park. But when Tony Guglione and his friends from Little Italy keep throwing rocks and destroying their beautiful creations, Henry and his friends decide enough ...
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Snow in July: a novelSnow in July: a novel
Release Date: November 1, 2004“A stark and powerful portrait of a family flawed by addiction and betrayal; a family redeemed by love. Heather Barbieri writes with raw honesty and true compassion. This is a novel that stays with you well beyond the last page.”—Binnie Kirshenbaum, author of An Almost Perfect Moment“Heather Barbieri has crafted a beautiful coming-of-age novel set among the abandoned mines of Butte, Montana. Two sisters try climbing a ladder that doesn't exist, and swirl within the landscape that is as pitted as their lives, hoping in the end to just ...
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Al borde del Apocalipsis (Fin De Los Tiempos) (Spanish Edition)Al borde del Apocalipsis (Fin De Los Tiempos) (Spanish Edition)
Publication Date: April 27, 2010| Series: Fin De Los Tiempos Edge of Apocalypse pulls you into an adrenaline-fueled political thriller laced with End Times prophecy. From Tim LaHaye, creator and co-author of the world-renowned Left Behind series---the most successful adult fiction series ever written---and Craig Parshall comes an epic story ripped from the headlines of world events and filtered through Scriptural prophecy. Set in the near future, Edge of Apocalypse chronicles the beginning of The End---the earth-shattering events leading up to the Apocalypse foretold in Revelation. Joshua Jo...
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Mendizabal (Episodios Nacionales: Tercera Serie / National Episodes: Third Series) (Spanish Edition)Mendizabal (Episodios Nacionales: Tercera Serie / National Episodes: Third Series) (Spanish Edition)
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Old Man: And Other Colonel Weatherford Stories (The Derrydale Press Foxhunters' Library)Old Man: And Other Colonel Weatherford Stories (The Derrydale Press Foxhunters' Library)
Publication Date: March 1, 2000| Series: The Derrydale Press Foxhunters' Library First published by Derrydale in 1934, this third volume of short stories by Gordon Grand includes the marvelous comic story, Everything Is Alright, Sonny . Featuring Colonel Weatherford and his Millbeck hounds, the warm and humorous stories are ideal for fireside reading for young and old. Illustrations by W. J. Hayes with a color frontispiece. ...
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The Picture of Contented New Wealth: A Metaphysical Horror (Zero Books)The Picture of Contented New Wealth: A Metaphysical Horror (Zero Books)
Publication Date: September 25, 2009| ISBN-10: 1846942705In the brilliant red doom of a Hampshire Sunset Brigit Conti can hear a voice behind her ears that is not her own. Bed-bound, and complaining of a rare bone disease that no Doctor can diagnose, her husband fears that the house they have purchased is a portal through which an older, more malign energy has passed, possessing his wife and son. Through their successive deterioration his secular and agnostic world-view undergoes a metamorphosis, drawing him to a strange man from the hills: the Rector, their unlikely saviour. Or are he and...
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Publication Date: August 31, 2010| Series: Memoria Esta antología comprende las dos obras de teatro de que Rizal escribió (Junto al Pásig y El consejo de los Dioses) y una selección de sus mejores poemas. ...
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Best European Fiction 2012 (Best European Fiction)Best European Fiction 2012 (Best European Fiction)
Publication Date: November 8, 2011| Series: Best European Fiction “Best European Fiction is an exhilarating read.”—TimeNow in its third year, the Best European Fiction series has become a mainstay in the literary landscape, each year featuring new voices from throughout Europe alongside more established names such as Hilary Mantel, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Ingo Schulze, George Konrad, Victor Pelevin, and Enrique Vila-Matas. For 2012, Aleksandar Hemon introduces a whole new cross-section of European fiction, and there are a few editorial changes as well. For the first tim...
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Sir Gawain & the Green Knight CDSir Gawain & the Green Knight CD
Publication Date: April 17, 2006A collection of three medieval English poems, translated by Tolkien for the modern-day reader and containing romance, tragedy, love, sex and honour.Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Pearl are two poems by an unknown author written in about 1400. Sir Gawain is a romance, a fairy-tale for adults, full of life and colour; but it is also much more than this, being at the same time a powerful moral tale which examines religious and social values.Pearl is apparently an elegy on the death of a child, a poem pervaded with a sense of great personal loss: but, like Ga...
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Scandalize My NameScandalize My Name
Publication Date: November 8, 2002Yusef Komunyakaa is one of the most highly regarded US poets now at work; Scandalize My Name selects from twenty-five years of his remarkable poetry. Komunyakaa's vision of the poem as a 'distilled insinuation' is honoured and intensified in this graceful and sensual verse, whose vigorous myth-making only heightens the political and social realities it often addresses. Scandalize My Name introduces a poet of great versatility and singular commitment, one whose eye remains steady where others have turned away. ...
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Hatred and Civility: The Antisocial Life in Victorian EnglandHatred and Civility: The Antisocial Life in Victorian England
Publication Date: January 1, 2004To understand hatred and civility in today's world, argues Christopher Lane, we should start with Victorian fiction. Although the word "Victorian" generally brings to mind images of prudish sexuality and well-heeled snobbery, it has above all become synonymous with self-sacrifice, earnest devotion, and moral rectitude. Yet this idealized version of Victorian England is surprisingly scarce in the period's literature--and its journalism, sermons, poems, and plays--where villains, hypocrites, murderers, and cheats of all types abound. ...
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The Women's Bible Commentary - expandedThe Women's Bible Commentary - expanded
Release Date: May 1, 1998In the critically acclaimed best-seller, Women's Bible Commentary, an outstanding group of women scholars introduced and summarized each book of the Bible and commented on those sections of each book that have particular relevence to women, focusing on female charecters, symbols, life situations such as marriage and family, the legal status of women, and religious principles that affect relationships of women and men. Now, this expanded edition provides similar insights on the Apocrypha, presenting a significant view of the lives and religious experiences of women as...
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Classical and Medieval Literature CriticismClassical and Medieval Literature Criticism
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Hope Everlastin'Hope Everlastin'
Publication Date: July 1, 1999Reunited in another time, Beth and her beloved Lachlan revel in the joys of unbounded passion and a very special miracle: a set of twins conceived in the other world. But when Beth and Lachlan's future at Baird House is threatened, it will take another kind of miracle to reclaim the special happiness they shared. ...
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Dead EvenDead Even
Release Date: October 26, 2010 Lawyer Sara Tate is in danger of losing her new job with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office if she doesn't get noticed fast. Smart and tough—a fighter who makes things happen—she grabs a high-profile burglary case that could make her career. There are two problems: Sara's husband, Jared, is the attorney for the defense . . . and she's been warned that if she does not get a conviction, Jared will be killed. What she doesn't know is that her husband has received a similar threat. Unless his client walks, Sara's life is over. Unaware of the stake...
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Wolf in Man's ClothingWolf in Man's Clothing
Publication Date: August 28, 1996Another vintage Nurse Keate mystery by Mignon G. Eberhart, Wolf in Man’s Clothing takes Sarah to a gloomy mansion in the remote Berkshire Hills. She nurses a young man with fatal connections to some poisonous people stuck at the scene—privileged people who are used to getting their way and are unprepared for Sarah. ...
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